Where did the ancient advanced civilization hide their time capsule?

Vladimir Pakhomov



Where did the ancient advanced civilization hide their time capsule? The Calendar Message has shown me the hidden entrance to this place!


A short history.

There was one image which I had found in the matrix of the Calendar Message which I did not understand for a long time. I found an image that was similar in form to an island. I saw an outline and landform on this island. I could see a three-dimensional image.

  1. The island consists of two main parts connected to each other roughly in the shape of an "H"

  2. On the island there are four mountains located in the angles of parallelogram.
    (Parallelogram see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parallelogram)

  3. The island is orientated in a southeast - northwest.

  4. The most part of the island has a gulf.

In one place on the image there is spot marked by a small cross.


Where is there an island with such landform and outlines?

At last I have found the place!

The outlines and landforms coincide!

There are four mountains located in the angles of a parallelogram.

I found all four features on this island, that coincided with the image that I got from the Calendar Message!

On an aerial photo of the island I have drawn a circle right where the point on the image was marked with a cross.

On studying the photo more closely, I saw there was a circle already! This circle was hardly visible until you view it from a different height. Diameter of this circle about 100 metres.


Now you too can see this place!


* Comment: A week later after the publication of article Google has changed photos of Island of the Sun. Someone does not want people to have found time capsule. Now you can see necessary photos in the Google Earth program only. Click View > Historical Imagery. Click on the year 2004 that appears on the timeline.

  1. Open Google maps http://maps.google.com/

  2. Click the menu item “Satellite” to get the view from space.

  3. Paste the URL of my KMZ file
    into the “Maps search” box and click Search.

You will see the image with my round mark in the centre.

Slowly zoom out from that point. You will see a distinct light-coloured circle on the land. My round mark "Heritage" will be in the centre of this circle.


Google's photo before the publication of the article

Google's photo after the publication of the article


In this place there is a hidden entry to the Heritage of the ancient advanced civilization. Researchers should use a radar to see underground structure.


Island of the Sun, lake Titicaca


You can also use my file heritage.kmz with the Google Earth program


In the Google Earth program you will need to set the parameters for the best quality images.


Save the images you find. Google can change the set of photos and this place will look different each time. Then you can see the changes that have occurred over time. Now changes will be!

If you can find a better photo of Island of the Sun, inform me, please.

All people should supervise this place.


29.01.2011 newspaper has published the article about my researches (the time capsule) http://kp.ru/daily/25629/795160/ or

Google can make translation and you can read it.


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Updated: April 25, 2011