Where did the ancient advanced civilization hide their time capsule?


Part 2


Vladimir Pakhomov


After publishing the article about the location of the time capsule specified in the Calendar Message, I studied the photo of the Island of the Sun over and over again, trying to find further clues. Suddenly I noticed a strange spot, similar to the ancient sign that I had overlooked or hadn’t noticed before. In all probability no one else had noticed it either.

To make sure the strange spot was not a defect in this particular photo I decided to look at other photos of the island made by different satellites at different times. After some searching I found several photos that showed the same strange spot which I now recognised to be a distinctive sign.

I will acquaint you with this sign which has been known since ancient times, long before our era.


The Banner of Peace


This sign was suggested by N. Roerich for the International Pact dedicated to protection of cultural values.

The Banner of Peace symbol has ancient origins and it is found throughout the world. In the East it is known as the Sign of the Three Treasures. Some authors call it a Sign of the Triunity. For example, look at the photo and the picture with the ancient image of this sign.


Sign of the Three Treasures on the Mongolian rocks
and the same image appears in the painting below.


The Sign of the Three Treasures is usually depicted as three identical circles located in a triangular formation. In some cases the outer circle may be missing. I found many different images of this sign.


On examining different ancient images, my attention was drawn to a fragment of some paintings in an ancient temple in Beijing (China). In the first part of the article I wrote about the image of the island coded in the Calendar Message: "The island consists of two main parts connected to each other roughly in the shape of an 'H'."

In the picture on the left you can see something in the shape of an 'H' in the water. Above, is the image of a mountain, inside that there is the Sign of the Three Treasures surrounded by radiance.


The same three circles surrounded by radiance (as if it was "shining") can be found on the Island of the Sun in the place marked in the Calendar Message (the round mark I have indicate with the word "Heritage" on the photo of Island of the Sun in the first part of the article). It is located exactly in the same place!

Look at the photo made by the satellite IKONOS.


Photo made by the satellite IKONOS 18.04.2003


White arrow points to this sign. Look carefully. Such a strange spot is not present anywhere else in the photo!

On the photo from another satellite, on a larger scale, the same thing is visible. Here too, the white arrow points to the same sign in the same place.


Photo NASA ESC_large_ISS022_ISS022-E-86652


NASA U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

The following is the fragment of this photo in even larger scale.



Here you see two copies of the same image. On the right photo I have marked three circles which are also visible in the left photo.


I wonder what this can be? Is appears to be similar to the Banner of Peace, or the Sign of the Three Treasures. What have the satellite cameras recorded here? Maybe this is a particular shape of terrain, or some kind of radiation from the earth?

Now that you know where to look and what to look for, you will be able to see the same spot on the photos found in Google Earth. On the photo in the first part of article this spot is slightly covered by the mark "Heritage".

I saw this spot on the photo of Geoeye satellite too. That is, all photos made by different satellites and at different times, show the same thing. So it's not a defect in the image, but a real object.

It is quite possible that this object was left by an ancient advanced civilisation and it was made deliberately as a signpost that can be recognised by following generations. It's no coincidence that the ancient Egyptian god Thoth, before his return to heaven, said:

"O Holy Books which have been made by my immortal hands, by incorruption's magic spell remain free from decay throughout eternity and incorrupt by time. Become unseeable, unfindable, from everyone whose foot shall tread the plains of this land, until old Heaven shall bring instruments for you."

Our civilisation has already "brought" many tools: computers, satellites, photos from space, etc. Now we can discover something that was not available to us earlier.



Interesting fact


On the official website of NASA, dedicated to Mars exploration (Mars Exploration Rover Mission), there is a photo from a surface of Mars.


Spirit:: Panoramic Camera:: Sol 055

Photo of the Martian surface


Here the Sign of the Three Treasures on the Martian rock is well visible. This photo was analysed by Joseph P. Skipper on the website Mars Anomaly Research. (Link 1, Link 2). If this ancient sign was made by ​​NASA, then, for whom it was made ​​on Mars?


07.04.2011 and 08.04.2011 newspaper has published the articles about my researches (the time capsule)

or http://dominorus.is-great.org/kp_9.html

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Google can make translation and you can read it.


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