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The third image


When I looked at the received figure of a head of fish, I had such impression that I where saw that similar contours. I long recollected, where I saw the similar image or contours? At last I call to memory, it is the outlines of the North-American continent!

It is possible to stop a disputes when and who has discovered America. This ancient cryptogram comprises the image of all North-American continent! Now I am not surprised with the Piri Re'is Map of Antarctic and other unexplained artifacts of cartography. Their authors use the ancient source. It means, that was not the only cryptogram. Other documents were kept also. Incredibly, but fact. Possible say that mankind did not discovered America, but reopen it for itself, having recalled a well forgotten old. Actually, mankind gradually discover itself, gradually restoring the lost memory.

Look at these two images


The North American continent

The head of fish


Can you already have seen a head of fish in the outlines of the North American continent?

Here the continent is represented on a surface of a sphere (globe) therefore naturally there are distortions at his flat image. Means necessary similarly to deform the flat image of a head of fish to represent her in the same projection. I have made such transformation approximately, not doing exact calculations. Look



Now these images can be combined.


Combination of the images


Probably it is necessary for more exact overlapping to change a scale on an altitude and width of the figure, to turn it and so on.

But coincide not only the contours, pay attention to coincidence of a relief. That is to say the image of head of fish this is topographical map!

The contours of Western (Pacific ocean) coast of the North-American continent and the image of the "head of fish" coincide almost ideally. Hence, this coast has not changed almost from time of creation the cryptogram.

It is visible that the East coast most strongly has changed the outlines. Something has occurred in the Atlantic ocean...

Possible, what there where is an eye of fish, this was the sea? What the geologists will tell? Now, a large lakes there are visible.

Edgar Cayce wrote:

"The surface was much different from its present appearance.  The axis of the earth has changed since that time.  What are now polar regions were then tropical. The extinct continents of Atlantis (lying in the area between the present Gulf of Mexico and the Mediterranean Sea) and Lemuria (lying in the South Pacific) were the largest land areas.  In what is now Europe, the region of the Carpathian Mountains was above water, as was the upper part of Africa (Egypt and Sudan).  In Asia, the region of what is now the Gobi Desert was fertile plain, as were the desert plains of what is now the southwestern part of the United States.  The  western seaboard of the United States was the then the coastal region of Atlantis, while the Andean region of South America was the coastal region of Lemuria."


Now recall, that the tail at the mermaid is divides. As is well visible, the relief of a mountain range on Alaska too divides!

It seems, that an eye of fish should be on a place of Hudson Bay, but there the head of mermaid is represented. That is, here there was a high ground, and now on the contrary a cavity. Probably in this place has struck a huge asteroid?
The alternative version of an explanation - can be the sizes of the North-American continent have changed on the part of the Atlantic ocean? Possible, earlier, before catastrophe, it was more and further enter into the Atlantic ocean? All this is somehow connected to the story about Atlantis and its destruction.

Possible to assume, that there, where placed "an eye of fish" there was a sea. Now there lake Athabasca (what means this word?) and other numerous lakes. What a water in these lakes and what a fishes (marine or river)? The eye of fish takes space approximately from the province Saskatchewan (Canada) and passes on the territory of the United States in the area of North Dakota.
On a map, I have shown a contour of a central part of the "eyes of fish". It is the most deep part of the ancient sea.

After the publication of this article, my readers have informed me about the new information. On a site of 'CBC News', the article "Marine fossils in Manitoba prairie" was published. There I have found the information on the Morden museum in Canada.


On the page http://www.mordenmuseum.com/geology.html it is possible to see this map and its description.
"The Cretaceous Period of North America is characterized by the movements of vast bodies of water. Eventually the bodies united into one prodigious whole, the Mid-Continental Seaway. This sea was at one time about a thousand miles wide and stretched from Canada's north to the Gulf of Mexico. It divided the continent into two vast islands and lasted for millions of years...
The seaway must have provided a fairly stable environment for many aeons. The climate of the time was much different from what it is today. There was little daily or seasonal temperature change. It remained remarkably stable as a tropical or sub-tropical area throughout the Upper Cretaceous Period."


All this information confirms that a map from an ancient cryptogram is correct. This surprising figure gives us the exact information on the far past of the Earth!

The area of the Gulf of Mexico differs also.

Taking into account that here I have shown only a fragment of the full image. It is possible to assume that having analysed the full image it is possible to see and other elements of a relief of the Earth.

Else possible to add, that the initial orientation of the image at obtaining from the cryptogram looks so

The North on the top! Now this is direction to the west. The orientation of the image too has the important value. I already for a long time was convinced that in these images there are not a non-significant elements. There is only what I yet have not understood. Possible to us wanted to say that the Earth really was oriented differently before a catastrophe (a worldwide flood). Look the "Shifting Poles Theory".

Now possible to proceed to Oannes. Let's look how he has drawn himself.


to be continued ...


Oannes (continued)



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