The Mystery of the Calendar


SETI — the Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence.

Paleo-SETI — the term for the theory which maintains that extraterrestrials have visited Earth in ancient times and, in whatever form that may have been, had an influence on the development of mankind.


Looking at the image at the top of page, you will see either a white vase, or two profiles of people talking to each other. Thus, the brain can choose, using the profiles as the background to perceive the vase, or the vase as the background to perceive the human profiles. The fluctuations of figure and background may occur even when one fails deliberately to shift attention, appearing without conscious effort.

The question arises: What about the ones who have never seen a vase or a human face? What would they see? That is, what aliens will see? Conversely, that will we see in pictures of aliens?


These brief notes I have written for readers of the book "The Mystery of the Calendar - The Message to the Unborn". For those who are not familiar with the discovery of the Message of a super civilization, some topics may not be clear.

The results of my decoding of the Message allow to give more definite answers to many questions originating in the field of SETI.



"Horatio! There are more things in heaven and earth,
than are dreamt of in your philosophy."
— William Shakespeare, "Hamlet".


Tracks of Aliens. Legends, Myths, and Facts


Many authors have paid attention to the coincidence of some facts in the legends of different peoples where was spoken about visit of our Earth by inhabitants of other worlds in an antiquity.


On the left — a statuette of the god. Such "gods" visited Earth in ancient times. They have been seen and in modern times.


Till now, objective proofs of this information have not been found. Why? Where are the visible tracks of these space visitors?

You already know the answer to this question. They left two "tracks" at least. Firstly, there is the Calendar containing the Message; secondly, there is the hiding-place of the material tracks of their visit (the information records, the samples of devices, etc.).

Besides, if there was a terrestrial advanced civilization in the ancient time, its traces should be able to survive on the Moon.


It has to be said that much of the "evidence" which has been cited in favour of the ancient astronaut hypothesis is highly ambiguous. The existence of scientific knowledge and hi-tech artifacts might well be attributable to a terrestrial civilization, whose evolution has been lost in time. Overall, it is very difficult to find unambiguous evidence of extraterrestrial technology.

However, on the other hand, if nobody knows about the existence of such an advanced civilization on the Earth, and moreover "official" science completely denies this possibility, there remains nothing else, but to accept the fact of a paleovisit.

There are no alternative versions.


This calendar, together with the Message in it, was received by modern civilization from ancient Egypt. According to the famed Egyptologist J.H.Breasted, the earliest date known in the Egyptian calendar corresponds to 4236 B.C. (in terms of the Gregorian calendar). However, ancient Egyptians did not have computers, the digital coding of images, and digital data communication, etc. Therefore, there is a natural question — Where did this calendar with the Message come from?


You have already read about the testimonies of ancient authors and myths about the knowledge left for future generations. The fact that the Calendar Message exists, confirms it. Taking into account the method of transmission of the Message, and analyzing the results of its decoding, you come to the conclusion, that the Message was created specially for us.

On the other hand, the calendar and the Message have existed for thousands of years. But humankind could understand the calendar message, only when it had reached a necessary level in the development of science and technology. It is spoken about in the known ancient Egyptian legend.

Numerous fragments from ancient texts inform us, that the god of wisdom Thoth, before his returning to heavens, wrote and has carefully hidden some "books". G. Hancock and S. Faiia wrote:


"A quest, then, appears to have been envisaged for these stone tablets, or "books", of Thoth/Hermes. Indeed the Corpus Hermeticum leaves us in no doubt about this matter, telling us that the wisdom god used magic to postpone for as long as possible the rediscovery of his treasures of knowledge:

Ye holy books ... which have been anointed with the drug of imperishability ... remain ye undecaying through all ages, and be ye unseen and undiscovered by all men who shall go to and fro on the plains of this land, until the time when Heaven, grown old, shall beget organisms worthy of you.

Walter Scott, the translator of this passage into English, appends the following explanatory note concerning the term "organisms": "Literally 'composite things'; that is, men composed of soul and body. After long ages there will be born men that are worthy to read the books of Hermes."

— G. Hancock, S. Faiia. "Heaven's Mirror"


This legend has really come true!

Let us consider the quoted fragment. What can be "undecaying through all ages"? The great pyramids have even been wrecked. Only something non-material can be undecaying. For example, information.

They devised a wise solution — The Calendar, as the time keeper, can be "undecaying through all ages". So it happened.

How this information could be "unseen and undiscovered by all men"? While people did not have the necessary knowledge and technologies, the Message in the calendar was unseen and undiscovered by them.


For memorizing the Message, its creators gave people the algorithm (the calendar), instead of written data. Each generation of people, every year and every week repeat this algorithm and memorize it. As the saying goes, “repetition is the mother of education”. On the other hand, we know that humans always annihilated all ancient books, scrolls, codexes etc. with maniacal persistence. Therefore, the message could not be saved as a book. Creators of the Message well knew the psychology of people.


The information evidence of the Extraterrestrial’s visit to the Earth was left as the calendar with the Message. The material evidence was left in a paradoxical place, so you will not find it by accident.



Interstellar Messages


What to transmit? To what place should we transmit?


We should transmit nothing. We should not transmit to anywhere. We are the newbies in this ancient universe and we should not be advertising it. At first, we should understand what is happening around us. Now, a camouflage is our only guard. We should make even the Sun, our star, invisible from other worlds.


It is very important to completely stop any attempts by scientists or other fame-thirsty persons to transmit their infantile interstellar messages.

Ask them:

  • Do you know the consequences of such transmissions?

  • Can you protect the Earth from their consequences?

  • Have you asked the consent of all humankind?

  • Then why do you endanger the Earth and all humankind?

Ask them why they do not make an announcement like: "I invite all interested persons into my house. My address is... my phone number is... my email address is... etc"?

Nobody in their right mind makes such announcements because, they understand the consequences for themselves. However, they are glad to invite the unknowns of our universe into our common house. Such people should keep away from the transmitter.


Probably, we should only start transmissions again if we can create a method that hides the location of the sender.



What Should We Search For?


To stimulate the searches, aliens should leave some puzzling things calling a desire to understand their origin and the method of creation. Now we already know many similar artefacts.


On the principle that the Calendar Message contains only two dozen bytes, it is possible to presume, that the interstellar message will be short and saturated with information. One hundred byte can be transmitted in one millisecond. In addition, it allows us to use a giant power impulse to make a transmission.


Now many formats of digital coding of images (gif, jpg, png,...) and music (wav, midi, mp3,...) are known. Coding the same image or music in different formats, we get files of essentially different lengths. In the Calendar Message, a very effective method of digital coding of images has been used. You could see it in the third part of my book. As a result, in only two dozen bytes it was possible to encode ten composite images. In addition, it is possible to scale images without change of their quality.


Even though we may have very little in common with an alien civilization, it is likely that both parties will be able to understand and manipulate digitally coded information. This information can contain both data, and programs. For example, the Calendar Message works, as a non-electrical computer and can show us the images that existed thousands of years ago.


Besides that, a digital transmission is more noise-resistant. In the Message, an error-correction code should be used. If the message is received incomplete, the lost parts can be restored. You saw how it is done in the second part of my book.


Repeatedly it has stated that one earmark of the interstellar message should be that it contains an easily recognized mathematical constant or a numerical series. This idea has been confirmed. The Calendar Message contains a well-known numerical series. You saw it in the second part of my book.


It is possible to search for aliens messages among all types of signals transmitted from Earth. Here there has probably been, for a long time, an intelligence or research probe of an extraterrestrial civilization transmitting collected information to "home".


There could probably be receivers and transmitters working on other principles. In the ancient sources, strange devices of communication are mentioned. For example, the bible informs about one such receiver — the ark of the testimony.

The god speaks unto Moses:


"And there I will meet with thee, and I will commune with thee from above the mercy seat, from between the two cherubims which are upon the ark of the testimony..."

— Exodus 25:22


In the bible there are detailed instructions on the manufacture of the ark of the testimony. Such device can be made even at home. Probably this is a first device intended to receive the messages from another civilization. It is known, that the exact duplicates of this device have been made, and they had high-powered electro-magnetic properties. It is not known how these duplicates of "the ark of the testimony" were used.


From the saved documents it is known that in XII-XIII centuries, in France (Languedoc) a mysterious telecommunication device was created using pairs of snails... as part of the mechanism.



Where Should We Search?


Any hypothesis of ancient astronauts addresses the question of where those hypothetical astronauts might have come from.

In the Calendar Message there are two addresses:

  • Region above star Mintaka in the Orion constellation

  • Region of the ecliptic north pole

Therefore, it is possible to send the decrypted Message back, to its authors, to these addresses, having considered the consequences beforehand.


The alternative variant.

It is possible to trace the path of the Solar system (and the Earth) over the last millions of years and to study the stars located close to this trajectory. That is, we should search there, where the Earth already was; and where they probably already have known about us for a long time now.





Brian McConnell wrote in the article "Anticryptography: The Next Frontier in Computer Science":


"Anticryptography is based on the idea of making a message that decodes itself. The idea is closely linked with the search for extraterrestrial intelligence and is an attempt to answer the challenge of communicating with another, perhaps vastly different, intelligence. The goal in anticryptography is to create a message that can be easily deciphered, even by somebody (or something) who has no prior knowledge of how the message is composed or what information it contains."


For this purpose, the keys about how to read the message should be embedded in the message itself. In case of the Calendar Message, the keys are in its open part, in the calendar.


The message will be based on images, music, and mathematics. We should remember that mathematical concepts are not the arbitrary creations of intellect; they reflect the actual objective world, but frequently in very abstract concepts. It explains why mathematicians of different civilizations can understand each other.


How can we hope to decode a message of an unknown civilization when we cannot create the software that can precisely translate documents from one known language to another known language? This problem goes away if in the message the images are encoded.

Volumetric three-dimensional images were encoded in the Calendar Message. Certainly, three-dimensional volumetric images are more preferable. They enable us to imagine an unfamiliar object more precisely. Two-dimensional flat images leave a lot of indeterminacy of their interpretation.


For transmission of the image, we require a two-dimensional array. At present, we transmit only a one-dimensional array. How can we tell them it is a matrix that we are sending?

For example, the METI@home project proposes to create a matrix - image of our message, that we transmit to the stars. Provided that the size of a matrix is defined by any prime number. What is the connection between the sizes of matrixes and the prime numbers? There is no connection.

How can we set the size of a matrix and how can we show, that it is a matrix, instead of something else?

In the chapter "The First Crack in the Ancient Code", you saw how authors of the Calendar Message defined the matrix. They invented a magnificent method that permits to unequivocally define a matrix.


In what sequence should we read elements of a matrix?

There are many variants. At first, the exact reading sequence is determined by the sequence of transmission, but not completely. Secondly, the melody helps us discover the exact reading sequence of elements of a matrix. Only then, when you have found the exact reading sequence of the Calendar Message, will you hear a beautiful melody. Any other reading sequence of the elements of a matrix produces a cacophony of sound.


How was it possible to pack such a huge amount of information into such a small Message? It seems the general approach borrows ideas from genetics. Biology can teach us a lot about how to pack a huge amount of information into a small package.

As you remember, following the logic of decoding of the Message, I have come to the conclusion that it should be presented as a torus. More precisely as a double spiral reeled on a torus and the beginning of the spiral is connected to its end in a loop. I wrote about it in the chapter "The Pictures on a Torus".

I have found there is an object having precisely the same shape and containing a huge amount of the information. Such design fully corresponds with the ring shape of a DNA molecule.



Genetic Code


The DNA molecule encodes the information needed to build most life forms on Earth.

A double spiral of a DNA molecule can be imagined as a long spiral staircase.

The DNA molecule encodes information using four different molecules: adenine (A), thymine (T), cytosine (C), and guanine (G). Each letter (A, C, G, and T) represents one "base pair" of nucleotides. They are called pairs because each nucleotide has a complementary one on the other strand.

The letters are grouped into sets of three, known as "codons". Every codon in DNA is built from three base pairs (letters), no more, no less. Having the four-symbol alphabet it is possible to compose sixty four three-symbol words (codons).

Each codon is translated into one of 20 amino acids. The sequence of amino acids determines how proteins are constructed, which are the building blocks of life on Earth.

It is known that molecules of DNA can be not only linear circuits. As a rule, molecules of DNA are in a ring shape inside a cell. That is, DNA looks like a double spiral reeled on a torus, and the beginning of a spiral is connected to its end in a loop.


All this reminds us of the hexagrams of the I Ching (the ancient Chinese "Book of Changes"). See the chapter "I Ching" in the second part of my book. Over the years, a few publications have emerged, noting the analogy between the sixty-four possible hexagrams of the I Ching and the sixty-four possible codons of DNA.


Well, DNA encodes information using four base pairs (two bits per character), and these base pairs are grouped into three character words called codons (for a total of six bits per word). Such a representation allows us to easily record the Message as the sequence of the genetic code.


The Calendar Message can be interpreted and recorded as the sequence of the genetic code. It is one of possible and equivalent representations of the Calendar Message.


Such interpretation of the Message tells us that its creators knew genetics. And it does more probable the hypothesis that human evolution could have been manipulated by means of genetic engineering.


Zecharia Sitchin wrote in the book "When Time Began":


"The ancient Egyptian book of the Dead... shows that an ascent heavenward to attain immortality was deemed connected with the calendar."


I have always closely studied ancient information that is connected with the calendar. As you know, it more than once gave me the new keys to decode the Message.

How could the calendar be connected with immortality? Can the genetic code of immortality was coded into the Calendar Message? Biologists should do further research on the genetic interpretation of the Message.



Further Researches


This research can be referred to as Crypto-Archaeology. However, archeologists are not required here. Now, the study of the past will require other specialists to uncover the achievements of this unknown civilization in the sciences and technologies. First of all, we should study their information technology. Having now discovered this new technology, we still do not know how to create similar information objects.


As you know, the first image that can be seen in the Message is the Orion constellation. The interstellar contact message is always directed to the ones who are interested in stars.


For today, decoding of the Calendar Message has shown that it contains the following information:

  • the Calendar

  • the Beautiful melody

  • Data on the planets of the Solar system

  • Celestial charts

  • Images of humanoids

  • Images of animals, birds and fishes

  • Geographical (topographical) maps

I am sure that other information will also be found. In particular, I now explore the ability of the matrix of the Message to a self-reproduction with an increasing complexity of its structure. It is extremely interesting to observe this process. What will grow from it?

Such interpretation of the matrix of the Message is connected with Neumann's theory of automata. If you are not familiar with the theory of automata, you are probably familiar with the game "Life". Load this game onto your computer and observe how cellular automata will vary, multiply, and move on your screen.



For those who did not read the book. The beginning of decoding of the Message is briefly explained on the webpage:

The information explained there was well known by our ancestors and they were able to use it. Everyone that studies the book "The Mystery of the Calendar" will be convinced of existence of the Message and it leaves no doubt that it could only have been created by a great civilization, in comparison to which we are but children.


For the first time the actual object created by the science of a great civilization has become accessible to our research. When we shall open the hiding-place left for us, we shall find out the history of the Earth and the humankind. We shall receive the knowledge and the technology of the supercivilization.

  • Who could use the computers many thousand years ago?

  • Who could use advanced mathematics many thousand years ago?

  • Who could use digital coding of images and music many thousand years ago?

  • Who could use digital data communication many thousand years ago?

  • Who could leave us this Message in the form of the calendar?


Vladimir Pakhomov




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